Why Premier Structures is Different

"They don't build stuff the way they used to...."  Here's some good news -- WE DO! 

Premier Structures is a builder for those who appreciate craftsmanship and quality. We go above and beyond minimum code requirements  to bring our clients top notch low maintenance structures that will last  a lifetime.  Our passion comes from truly  understanding the entire build process. Premier Structures started as a framing/ trim/siding/hardwood company that blossomed into a custom home building company.  Eric Pair was the lead carpenter on his crews. He led his team to many successful build projects, self performing the work in house.  Many home builders have never actually built a home in their lifetime - they rely on subpar subcontractors to guide the build based on the knowledge of the subcontractor.  This is how many important details slip through the cracks. Because of Eric's expertise and hands-on knowledge, you can trust in Premier Structures to take you from conception to reality ABOVE MINIMUM CODE REQUIREMENT through our detailed design and build process.

Properly upgrading a home starts with the footing.

At Premier Structures, we focus on providing our clients with properly engineered homes. Some of those features include larger depth and width footings, double hung windows, 10" minimum foundation walls, 16 " on center floor and wall framing components and solid interior doors are STANDARD FEATURES!

Design build vs Pre-selected House Plans

Premier Structures has 20+ pre-drawn home plans to select from. These home plans can be modified to accommodate your specific needs. What we do best is DESIGN BUILD!   The design build process is a much longer process than a pre selected plan process and Premier Structures will take you from an idea to the house plan of your dreams.  We work closely with our clients throughout the design and planing to make sure we capture all the necessary components to bring your FOREVER HOME to life! 

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